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Reflection: End of Module 1

The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks. — Mortimer Adler

Yay! Today is the last day of first module. Congratulations! We hope you have been following along and have gained a lot of useful insights.


The process of learning is not as simple as reading something. Reflection is necessary to help you remember what you’ve read and apply it to our life. In short, we need to reflect to learn.


It’s always a good idea to reflect on what you have learned and write down a summary at the end of each module or even end of every week. Based on the learning pyramid, you can only learn 10% of the material purely though reading. The best way to learn is to follow 50/50 rule, that’s read for 50% of time and recollect what you’ve learnt the other 50%. Recollection can be done in many ways - You can recall the information & explain it to others or even yourself (the key thing is to do it out loud) or write down the key ideas of what you learned. So, if you feel like you don’t quite remember what you’ve read so fa, it’s totally normal. Because exercise below is designed to help you recollect the information & retain it in your mind so that it would useful for you.

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