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Quit Alcohol with Science.


Digital Sponsor brings a dynamic recovery program & all the tools you'll need to quit alcohol, right to your pocket. 
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Digital Sponsor is the #1 most comprehensive quit alcohol app.

Sobriety does not need to be complicated or expensive. So we found a way to do more for less. We built Digital Sponsor to bring together a program, tools, guidance, and most importantly structure all in one place or rather one app. Digital Sponsor is the culmination of years of suffering, recovery, research, and technology. It is here now so that you don't have to spend years suffering to get sober. 

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It's not just an app, it's everything you need for sobriety. 

Not only did we gamify and combine CBT, mindfulness, games, and tools into one easy-to-use smartphone app, we also partnered with various communities & programs to bring different challenges & offerings for our users to select from. 

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Our users love Digital Sponsor. And you will too.

Alex KC

Alex KC


Digital Sponsor is way more comprehensive and has a ton of sobriety tools I didn’t even know I needed! I really love the set up and how it is task-driven on a daily basis.  Makes the whole “one day at a time” thing ring even more true. 



Accountability at its finest. This app is not comparable to anything else. I love the support offered through the app itself. This makes it easy to log my booze free hours and holds me accountable. Cheers!

Star-Keisha Jones


What an awesome tool for staying on track without any type of negativity or feelings of failure if you fall off track. I love all the cool features and tools that make the app fun and accessible for today’s generation of alcohol free lifestyle!

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